Movie Trailer Winners and Losers ! First 2 months of 2017!


VENGEANCE A LOVE STORY – Solid cast, compelling trailer

GIRLS TRIP – in spite of myself it looked funny.

THREE- latest from Johnny To

HEADSHOT (2016)- The latest from the Mo Brothers of MACABRE and KILLERS fame

LOGAN – Looks like it could be the best of the trilogy.

TABLE  19- Not my type of movie, not really the romantic comedy audience, but a surprisingly good trailer. Definitely one I catch when it makes it to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

THE DISCOVERY – Intriguing trailer for a Netflix film

ROCK AND A HARD PLACE – Wonderful documentary trailer addressing headon a major issue in our nation and world. One I’m going to watch and am interested in donating to.

FRANTZ – An exquisite trailer. This is on my list to see.

THE VOID- an early contender for one of the best trailers of the year. Any film that boasts comparisons to THETHING meets EXORCIST is a film I want to see.  Will the film live up to it, maybe not, but the traileris 5 stars.

THE CRUCIFIXION -I initially wanted to write this off, but I quite liked the trailer

MINE- Trailer sold me on checking out this film, that I had no interest in.

COLOSSAL – Another trailer that sold me on an unknown film

GHOST IN THE SHELL Trailer 2 – Looks great.

SLEIGHT – Trailer sells me on seeing this film though the trailer may give away too much of the film



HERE ALONE – It’s a well done trailer. But not well enough to get over my complete disinterest and dislike in all things Zombie related.


LOVE WITCH- Campy and overlong for a trailer

THE ASSIGNMENT/TOMBOY – One sign a movie is in trouble is the inability to choose one title. Different premise, but lukewarm trailer. Not interested.

DIG TWO GRAVES – forgettable. Not interested.

DEVIL IN THE DARK – by the numbers

ATOMICA – tedious and forgettable

KING ARTHUR – I’m not really feeling the trailer. There is a lack of  gravity to the actor and the tone, which compares ill with masterful takes on the myth such as John Boorman’s seminal EXCALIBUR.

MEAN DREAMS – good trailer, but not good enough to make me want to see the film


THE BAD BATCH – I didn’t really care for this trailer at all. However as the followup film to A GIRL WALKS HOME AT NIGHT  which is one of the best films of the last decade, I’m going to go watch it regardless. But the trailer does not fill me with confidence.

ISOLATION – by the numbers, been there done that vibe

THE TICKET- Not interested

UNLOCKED- Okay trailer, but not sold on the film yet




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