Today’s Song of the Day is from the San Francisco band HP Lovecraft!

I like to listen to recorded music with my headphones on to get that rich stereophonic effect. Great music, impressively mixed, does it for me.

Today, doing a hunt for other things, I stumbled across a previously unknown band, from the heyday of the age of Aquarius. A band named HP Lovecraft, and specifically their song AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. And while the band shares the moniker of a writer that I find both talented and overlauded, the band thankfully doesn”t share his societal views.

It manages to use the best of Lovecraft’s imagery as a jumping off point for their impressive ballads.

The following link has more on the band, including sound samples.


For my money the 2nd album is the more innovative, and therefore the better. Worth having for AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS alone. Listen to samples and if you decide you like what you hear, use the links below to purchase. But the Cds are almost sold out, so good luck.


Two Classic Albums from HP Lovecraft: H.P. Lovecraft/ H.P. Lovecraft II

H.P. Lovecraft II


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