Best BIGFOOT Movies of ALL TIME!!!!

Exists Movie PosterEXISTS- Eduardo Sanchez best known for the over-rated BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, helms easily his best film and one of the best BIG FOOT movies ever made with EXISTS.  A-.

The Abominable Snowman

The Abominable Snowman







Hammer Studios Terrence Fisher helms one of my favorite films about Big Foots cousin, the Abominable Snowman. A classy and classic film. A+.– Another slow burner and the boy friend is so incredibly stupid he almost single handedly ruins the film for me. And did I mention this one is REALLY slow. Worth a look, but not a favorite. C.

The SightingStomping GroundTHE SIGHTING – takes the Big Foot tale into unexpected areas. And what seems simply an annoying performance initially becomes a most unusual murder mystery. B+.

STOMPING GROUND – Is a very slow burn, very much about interpersonal dynamics and a relationship possibly on the skids, which sounds dreadfully uninteresting, however compelling performances makes you actually interested in the fate of these hikers. And it has a last act that delivers. B+.

THE LOST COAST TAPES – is another one that plays with the myth of the Sasquatch, giving you an unexpected twist at the end. Good throughout with fun performances. B+.

ABOMINABLE – Mixes the BIg Foot myth with REAR WINDOW and a slasher film to good effect. With the exception of EXISTS it is the most action packed of any BIG FOOT film. B.



Something in the WoodsSOMETHING IN THE WOODS – Starts slow but builds to something very interesting . Told in a straight forward but compelling way by a cast of seemingly newbie actors, the unvarnished performances adds to the sparse effectiveness of the movie. B.

THE LAST STAG HUNT – Another slow burner about a reality show filming an episode of an on the skids hunting show, the villain in this piece is a killer Deer, but there’s a nice vibe and great fun throughout that makes it a nice psuedo addition to anyone’s Big Foot collection. B/B+.

Well that in a nutshell are the best Bigfoot Movies of All Time!


And BIG FOOT FILMS to avoid?


Well most everything else not listed here.  Films like BIG FOOT WARS, SWAMP APE, BIG FOOT AT HOLLER CREEK CANYON, BIGFOOT VS DB COOPER, BIGFOOT VS ZOMBIES, BLACK WATER SASQUATCH, BOGGY CREEK : THE LEGEND IS TRUE  can all be safely put in the avoid and burn pile.


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