Hope everyone is enjoying a great Vodun, Ramadan, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Mass of Christ, etc.

I hope everyone finds ways to be loving in a world that is often run by the venal, to be beautiful in a world that often revels in the ugly, and to be needed and merciful in a world that seems to trade in making our hopes and our heroes obsolete.

In other words I hope you find ways, in a world that caters to the fall of man, to… rise.

So without further ado, today’s gift idea from us here at Heroic Times. 🙂



While my usual holiday movie of choice, like any sane individual, is IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, today I found a new contender in 2015’s absolutely brilliant and delightful TURBO KID.

I had seen this movie on quite a few best of lists, however I could never get past that odd title and throwback art. Well today I did give it a watch, and the film lives up to and exceeds its hype.

Not a holiday movie, what it is is a movie with heart. It’s just a fun throwback movie to the cheesy 80s, done with charm, panache, fun, and a bit of love and an unexpected lot of crazy 21st century violence. It’s an odd dichotomy, but the violence, never overwhelms the joy. Toss in a far flung future of 1997 where humanity did not manage to avoid blowing itself up in the 80s, and a great cast, to include the legendary Michael Ironside, and you have a movie that is better than it has any right to be.

Catch it on VOD courtesy of Netflix Streaming!


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