Reasons to Watch HULU This Week!

The 4th Quarter of 2016 has been a pretty bad period for HULU. Not only did they lose the re-air rights to the very popular CW shows (that have since launched their own FREE streaming channel) but more significantly they lost their catalog of Criterion films to the new Turner Classic Movies streaming option FILMSTRUCK.

Losing the Criterion Films is a HUGE blow to Hulu, as access to those movies was the deciding factor for me signing up with HULU. Now I have to look hard at HULU and decide if without those Criterion films, it is worth keeping at $10 a month.

Well lets start with Movies. It doesn’t have anywhere near the deep and diverse inventory of older films that Amazon Prime has. You want Spaghetti Westerns or Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Classics or Giallo films or avante garde foreign films, well it is no competition, HULU simply can’t compete with Amazon Prime’s HUGE INVENTORY. And even in newer films Amazon Prime has HULU beat there as well, getting film’s such as CREED and SICARIO as well as many more.

Netflix likewise has a far deeper reservoir of films to pull from than the relatively generic output that comes to Hulu. Having hyped and cult and avant garde films such as A GIRL WALKS HOME AT MIDNIGHT and CHRISTMAS STORY.

So movie-wise HULU is largely a bust these days. However it fares better in the TV front, allowing timely access to most television shows by the major networks within days of their airing. But where HULU does excel is in their inventory and access to whole seasons of classic TV shows.

Here then are some reasons to watch HULU still:

-All three seasons of BBC’s brilliant MUSKETEERS
-Both season of SPACE 1999(The first season is stunningly eloquent and thoughtful television. The 2nd season, not so much).
-The surprisingly gripping Gerry Anderson series UFO (Only one season but what a season)
-The UK BEING HUMAN, watch the first three season and ignore the last two seasons
-All the seasons of Nikelodian’s excellent TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES
-The classic TWILIGHT ZONE
-Roger Moore’s THE SAINT
-THE OUTER LIMITS original series
-FARGO Season 1
-ELEMENTARY all 4 seasons
XFILES all 9 seasons

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