Amazon Prime : WATCHLIST Winners, Losers and Undecided!


PHOMETRICA REDACTED – Initially intriguing short film, nice droning score, that degenerates into nothing. Waste of time.



SHOCK-Starring Dario Argento’s favorite leading lady, Daria Nicolodi, this one sports an annoying, shrill, first 60 minutes, Largely because the voice actor for the kid is very shrill and annoying. Watching to see if it picks up. The best thing going for this film is the actress who is always a compelling view, doing frightened with an over the top, demented, hysterical, 70s porno star intensity. Filled with equally demented direction, both hokey and inspired, including the first and only use of a slinky as a horror device, and what they do with her hair in one scene. A fun house ride of horror cliches and effects, elevated by the luminous beauty and gonzo performance of Daria Nicolodi makes the 2nd half of this film actually quite entertaining. Grade: B-.


spectrauma together-movie-poster-2011-1020681572

TO.DET.HER– This 2011 film only got on my radar because it was titled on Amazon Prime as SPRING BREAK MURDERS and I thought it was the original 80s film that I’ve never seen. It has competing reviews on IMDB, and a quirky vibe that makes me think it has more to it than a lifetime movie of the week.

SPECTRAUMA– Bland acting and a tedious and rambling first 10 minutes.But its disjointed nature begins to congeal into something interesting. Jury is still out.

THE CULT – Filmed with an Actioncam it lends this a weird fish-eyed, hall of mirrors look.


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