SUPERGIRL and ROSEWOOD Jump the Shark in their respective Season 2s!?!

SUPERGIRL and ROSEWOOD are both shows that I thought had pretty good first seasons, but both pretty majorly hit the rewind button, to their detriment I feel, in their 2nd seasons.

ROSEWOOD spent the whole first season with the protagonists making the same mistakes, doing this whole ‘will they/ wont they’ nonsense, that I always find incredibly annoying. But, all of the leads are very compelling and it seemed to be building to both of them finally realizing, ‘woah we’re adults and should make a go of this’.

Enter the 2nd season and we are squarely back in ‘lets play the field territory’, like all of season 1 didn’t happen. It just  mars what is otherwise a smart series. I find the 2nd season for this reason, an insult to the viewers time and intelligence and unwatchable.

SUPERGIRLLikewise invested the audience in a relationship in season 1, that they ditched and backpedaled on in I felt a really insulting matter in Season 2.  I just thought it was handled in a really amateurish and There are too many great shows to waste time on shows that don’t respect their audience

So yeah both shows are on the outs with me. If in the future the reviews say they have turned it around, I’ll give them a chance then. But for now, no.

However, like I said there is no shortage of shows old and new that are worth your time.

TEEN WOLF, a show that I had no use for in the 1st season, I picked it up again at the end of Season 2, and am now halfway through season 3, and I have to say, it is pretty damn great.  It manages to transcend a stupid title, and being just a movie tie-in, and manages to be more then just a teen show (those i can’t stand) to with compelling adult actors, and inventive, exciting, monster-mash-up scripts, be solidly entertaining.

FILLING THAT NICHE LEFT BY SHOWS SUCH AS XFILES and buffy, it scratches that universal monsters itch. great direction, good performances, entertaining writing, exciting cliffhangers. it is fun tv, especially the third season (phenomenal camera work), which also tosses in a compelling murder mystery throughout.

catch all five seasons of teen wolf courtesy of amazon prime.

So yeah if tired of SUPERGIRL and ROSEWOOD than give the surprisingly watchable TEEN WOLF series a look.



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