Amazon Prime Movie of the Day : THE HORDE



THE HORDE (2016) – Some Directors come out of the gate fully formed, hitting it out of the park their first time at bat. That is not the case with the Director of the HORDE, Jared Cohn, who with a total of 19 credits to his belt, has unfortunately underwhelmed with most of those films.

Cohn, the maker of largely, poorly received and composed films, here with THE HORDE finally crafts an enjoyable feature. And much, if not most, of the success for that must lie with writer, fight coordinator, star; Paul Logan.

I like the heroic action angle against the more familiar horror trappings, and it works very well here, making a  composed and entertaining modern B-Horror flick. And I would like to see more installments of the hero, John Crenshaw, taking on more movie monsters and urban legends. Recommended! Grade : B.


Sample it for free on streaming courtesy of AMAZON PRIME!

There appears to be a DVD available, unfortunately it seemingly is a bare-bones affair with no special features. Which is a deal breaker for me. If I’m paying for a DVD it needs a commentary at a minimum.

So catch it on AMAZON PRIME while you can.



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