Currently Listening to : Movie Scores for THE OMEN, JAWS, and CONTAGION

Currently Listening to : Movie Scores for THE OMEN, JAWS, and CONTAGION courtesy of my new favorite Roku channel… Spotify.

I recently signed up for a free Spotify account, and I love the ability to listen to whole albums before you decide to buy. It is just a wonderful way to introduce you to musicians and albums you may otherwise miss.

THE OMEN – hate to be sacrelegious here, to all the praise this Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack gets, but with few exceptions I find it… unexceptional, and largely filler rather than filling. No offense to the guys at Filmscore Click Track who called this their favorite film score of all time. I simply do not see or hear it.

Jerry Goldsmith, without question is one of the world’s great composers, with numerous scores deserving of acclaim (among them THE 13TH WARRIOR, ALIEN, PLANET OF THE APES to name a few). THE OMEN is not one of those so deserving.  Grade: For me it is an AVOID, your mileage may vary. Without trying, I can think of a hundred soundtracks that are miles better than this. Such as THE FOLLOWING scores:

JAWS – Now this score, like the movie, is deserving of all its praise. A study in the definition of iconic. One of many John Williams masterpieces, any of which you could call one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, and get no argument from me. Grade : BUY IT!

CONTAGION – One of the older soundtracks by Cliff Martinez of SOLARIS, DRIVE, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, NEON DEMON fame, I kinda dig this more than his recent collaborations with director Nicolas Winding Refn. Those scores do what they are designed to do… bouy the movie; however as a stand alone peice of music, they tend toward the droning and overly similar. CONTAGION shows a bit more range and variation, and excitement.  GRADE: RENT IT!

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