Week 34 of 2016! BEST PODCASTS!

2015 into 2016 was a rough year for podcasts and podcasters and their audience, as we lost for various reasons some of my favorite podcasts.


SIDEBAR – A trio of Atlanta based art lovers, offering some of the best interviews with the best names in the industry. The loss of their particular dynamic and their show, leaves a hole that unfortunately no show has yet to fill.

HORROR ETC – This was a great, fun, and informative show, on all things horror related, primarily about film, but also books and TV shows. Definitely missed.

KNIFEPOINT HORROR- I’ve listened to a lot of dramatic readings and audio stories, from the classics of old time radio to the best shows the Mp3 age could make possible. KNIFEPOINT HORROR was unequaled in its ability to actually creep you out.  The host, Soren,wants to try his hand at other things, and I’m sure he’ll do great at his next project.

B-MOVIE CAST – I’ve been following this show almost as long as I’ve been blogging, listening to it was like listening to good friends. The unexpected loss of its host… it says a lot about the community Vince R made and let you be a part of, says a lot about him, that I… a stranger can be so moved. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

INDIE SPINNER RACK – This is an honorable mention, because it disappeared long before 2015, but its unique chemistry of hosts, and fun content is still decidedly missed


Okay that’s who we lost in podcasting, but thankfully here in 2016 we have shows that are still with us and going strong, as well as new discoveries that while not replacing the old, are forging the new. New loves and new favorites. So without further ado here are the best podcasts this week.




Recommended episode : Start with the latest episode, you’ll quickly find it essential and fun listening




Recommended Episode : Start with the latest



Recommended Episode : Jimmy Walker, Sinbad, Robin Williams, Patrick Stewart, President OBama



Recommended Episode : Metropolis, Morricone, Oscar Nominated Scores



Recommended Episode : Start with the latest. They are all fun



Recommended Episode : Neal Adams, Denny ONeil, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo



Recommended Episode : It is pretty essential to start at the beginning. Great 1st season, and still working my way through the 2nd season



Recommended Episode:  Season 2 Episode 4, Season 2 Episode 8



Recommended Episode : Huge fan of binaural audio. Here are some nice homemade clips. Start with ‘Nocturnal Beach’ from 2014.



Recommended Episode : I am still very much of a DVD and Bluray advocate. Start with any episode.


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