On Alton Sterling and Micah Xavier Johnson and Baton Rouge Louisiana and Donald Trump

Sometimes I think I have seen everything.

Every beauty, and every horror.

Odd how I am constantly proved wrong.

Madness breeds madness.

Alton Sterling was a father cut down by terrorism. What else would you call it? When you can not drive 10 feet in this country with out risk of brutalization or death.

It is a story sickeningly old in this country. People of color, targeted for their color. And cops who with impunity, use excessive and (in too many cases) deadly force, at the slightest provocation, or no provocation at all… when confronted with men of color.

Men who should be trained to control themselves, then control their situations, so that they may protect, and serve, suddenly have no more control, or never had control, and therefore should never have been given a badge and a gun to begin with. Men who have no more understanding than a child playing cowboy, about the value of life.

Not all to be sure.

I think cops and soldiers… most of them hold the line, an important line between those who would erode our laws and our lives. It is a noble and oft thankless calling, a dangerous calling, and the ones called to it, and who do it credit, are the line that keeps civilization… working, turning, moving forward. They are our musketeers, our soldiers, our heroes.

Unfortunately bad cops, terrorists,like the two cops in Baton Rouge, do a disservice to the majority, by making that fragile trust between police and the community they are tasked to serve… untenable. They break the trust that is needed to tell friend from foe, hero from villain.

And it does no good to the system when this small outlaw faction of terrorist cops are allowed to thrive, get away with brutality and murder. It sends a message that the system supports terrorism. That the government we pay tribute to, gives shelter to terrorist factions within the police, within the courts, within the prisons. And it calls into question justified arrests and justified shootings. It calls into question a system that many good men gave their last, best measure… to make just.

it would not occur to many people of the anglo inclination to consider cops and terrorists in the same sentence. However, to many families of those thousands lost to police bullets, it would not occur to them to separate those concepts. What 9/11 is to the slogan inclined of America, is every day for those under siege populations in America.

That is the harm that bad cops, and not punishing them, or better yet more stringent training and psyche requirements so they do not get hired in the first place, does to the majority. It paints the majority of good cops with the same brush. That is the hard truth that is lost, in the blind rush by agencies such as the FOP, to defend the blue, regardless of innocence or guilt.

The law must bind us all, cop and civilian, rich and poor, or it ceases to be law. And those who enforce it… cease to be cops. They become an army in a war of oppression.

And every war, will give birth to its opposition.

Micah Xavier Johnson they say was a soldier.

Thank You for your service.

They say he was troubled.

Who in an America where Trump is running for president, is not troubled?

I do not know this Micah Xavier Johnson.

I do not know what demons he carried, what compulsions he was heir to.

But I do know the unqualified rage I felt upon hearing the Alton Sterling tragedy. And I understand how such rage, in a world absent of justice, can sweep us away.

I do know that if you are perceived as killing people for nothing and getting away with it, you will give birth to a type of man who will be willing to die for something. However misguided.

The murders in Dallas are madness. The deaths are tragedies.

Not because they were cops but for the same reason that Alton Sterling’s death was a tragedy.

Because it is a hell of a thing to kill a man, to take away everything he is, and everything he may have been. To leave a hole in the lives of those who knew him, who loved him.

It is a mad and damning thing to kill a man.

But mad causes, breed mad effects. And mad abuses, unpunished, people will only take so long, before they feel the only justice left to them, is the justice of blood.

That is the danger of disenfranchising people to the point they have nothing left in your system to trust in, or to hope for. Times without hope, create men without fear of extreme action.

Create patriots and madmen.

The acts in Dallas without doubt deserve punishment. But so do the actions against Alton Sterling.

And whether that punishment is applied justly will determine if there will be more Micah Xavier Johnsons, more machine men, with machine minds, killing in these machine times.

It is my hope that justice can rule the day, and that the murderers of Alton Sterling, Baton Rouge, Louisiana officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II never wear a badge and a gun again, and serve time in prison. As should Micah Xavier Johnson. But if these Baton Rouge men escape punishment, then so should Micah Xavier Johnson, because either all lives matter, or no lives matter.

That is the cost and lesson of an Apartheid State, that madness, breeds madness. So I urge everyone involved, especially Baton Rouge, to punish the terrorists that they have given badges to.

And to the families that have lost, my condolences; and to all of us, may god grant an America and a world, without such losses.


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