SHALLOW CREEK CULT – Is a zero budget film with obvious limitations of costuming and sets, but get past the first 15 minutes, and you quickly get caught up in the world that these two brothers stumble into. Their naturalistic performances and banter elevate this beyond its limitations, to be quite a bit more compelling and captivating than bigger budget, more high profile projects, filled with annoying, unlikeable kids.

Now this is not a great film, but it is surprisingly an enjoyable film, and a compelling one, which says a lot because I almost didn’t make it past the slow and weak opening.

Writer, director, and producer King Jeff shows a deft hand in wringing some moments of real tension out of a movie made with bad masks and obvious props. I quite enjoyed this adventure of the Carmichael Brothers, and hope we can look forward to more installments, with them taking on other monsters and urban legends.

Grade: Worth a Watch! Currently available to view for free if you have AMAZON PRIME.


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