PODCAST OF THE DAY : MUSICAL NOTATION! & 7 Favorite Movie Soundtracks!!!


West Armstrong’s podcast covers Soundtrack music also called scores, it’s that rousing music that makes our favorite films or tv shows, not just more memorable, but arguably a better film.



And speaking of scores, the first time I remember really noticing the score to a film, was in the theater with my family watching the first Christopher Reeves’ SUPERMAN movie. I was very young at the time, but still remember that scene in the cornfield, as both the camera and the music panned up, up, and away.

It left a lasting impression, but it would be many, many years before I translated an apreciation for good movie music to a desire to follow composers and buy CDs and LPs of scores.

Itunes and MP3s are good for sampling music, but for really getting that music in as close to the quality as the composer wanted then you have to own the well mastered CD or LP.

These then are 7 CDs and LPs that not only are ground breaking, game changing masterpeices, but they are important and historical works of art that demand to be owned in the highest quality availablke.

So without futher ado here are my ten favorite movie scores:


IN COLD BLOOD by Quincy Jones – Quincy before becoming a superstar R&B performer and producer, was one of the most experimental and avant garde and exciting composers of film music, and his IN COLD BLOOD remains not just his finest score, but one of the greatest scores of all time.

THE UNTOUCHABLES by Ennio Morricone – Just about anything Morricone has done is worthy of praise and patronage (I just bought his academy award winning score for Tarrantino’s HATEFUL EIGHT) but seldom has a film and a score ever been as right asnd iconic and memorable as his work on THE UNTOUCHABLES.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY – another Morricone masterpiece!

SUPERMAN – John Williams’ opus set me on the road to being the film score connoisseur I am today. 🙂

STAR WARS – Is there any more iconic music than John Williams scores for the original three films

PLANET OF THE APES – Jerry Goldsmith is like many names on this list, considered a national treasure. In his case for numerous films from WRATH OF KAHN to CIVIL WAR, however I think his completely insane score for Planet of the Apes remains one of the most brilliant and audacious scores ever made, and his finest hour.

I’ll put up links tonight so you can order direct from those links! Every order helps this blog earn a couple pennies to keep the lights on. 🙂



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