WordPress/Browser/Tech Tip of the Day!

Whatever Browser you use you should…

1/change the default search engine to one of your preferred choices such as DUCKDUCKGO or IXQUICK.

2/ Check ‘Block Pop up Windows’

3/ Only enable Javascript when needed, with a site that you want to interact with, give those permissions to. For regular browsing, disable Javascript.

4/Turn on ‘Tracking Protection’ and ‘Do Not Track header’ for most browsing

5/ If using WordPress or Another site, and you find you can not get a function to work, and it is a site you trust and want to interact with, then turn Javascript on. If all functions stll do not work, a rare occurence, you may need to diable tracking blocking.

But again only do this on sites you have a relationship with, and want to give this ability to.

The above (#5) is how I resolved an issue with images not posting to WordPress

Hope this Helps somone who has been having a similar issue!


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