This Week’s Best and Worst FREE VOD Streaming Roku Channels!



PLUTO TV – the cable aesthetic for Digital Channels. Nice to watch in between your Netflix or Hulu or Anazon Prime Binge Watching! Perfect addition for people like myself who LONG ago kicked cable to the curb.

GRINDHOUSE – Has improved. They’ve added content you can actually access without it hanging on you, and without drowning you in ads. However the amount of free content is still on the light side. So improved, but room for mire improvement.



CRACKLE – Poor, anemic, uninteresting, rarely changed selection of titles. Come on Sony/Crackle, this is embarrasingly bad.

TUBI TV – I was all poised to call this the best free VOD channel, but after the switch up they pulled this Memorial Day weekend,  that’s impossible. They have a FANTASTIC selection of films,and the quality is very good, the issue is they have gone absolutely insane with commercial interruptions.

I understand this is an ad driven channel but Tubi has completely gone overboard. I  tried to watch 2 movies via their service and nearly every 10 minutes I was getting 5 commercials. That adds up to a Lot of commercials for one 2 hour movie. And a movie that takes forever to watch.

At the very least they should give you a solid 25 minutes of show or movie BEFORE hitting you with an ad, and no more than 3 ads at a time. And then at least 25 minutes between commercial interruptions.

Because of this assault of ads, watching on Tubi is a frustrating and unacceptable experience. Tubi has the content that they, with more name recognition, could attract the audience that Crackle has squandered, but the quality of their viewing experience has to be pleasurable rather than abusive, to make anyone stay with their channel.

A huge step back. Whoever talked them into this Blitzkreig advertizing should be fired.

Hear me Tubi, change your ad algorithm, respect your viewers, give them at least 25 minutes of uninterrupted content, and you’ll start making everyone’s best of lists and must see lists. But for right now you are a must miss.

Well That’s it for this installment, come back next week for our updated Best and Worst of VOD.



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