Roku Streaming TV VOD Channel Spotlight : THRILLER THEATRE

THRILLER THEATRE is a great free channel available on your Roku or other streaming device, that keeps the content evolving, and commercials to a minimum.

This weekend you can alternate grilling up that great meal, with checking out some of this channel’s offerings. The below list will help you avoid the dreck, which unfortunately you’ll find most channels hampered with, and get to movies that are worth your time.

Among the ones that caught my attention today are:


The little seen film CUL-DE-SAC by directorial legend Roman Polanski.

HOLLOW POINT by director Sidney J. Furie and with an impressive cast. The quite entertaining 80s horror anthology DEADTIME STORIES, and THE CAT AND THE CANARY from 1978.


TUNNEL RATS from 2008 which shows Uwe Boll can direct a good movie.

DAYLIGHT from 2013. the classic DEAD OF NIGHT from 1945 (a MUST SEE anthology film) , Scott Mansfield’s adaption of TELL TALE HEART, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS with the great Peter Cushing. 

FERSEIN’S GATE, had no reviews anywhere, so I took a look, and the first few minutes made me intrigued. Worth a watch.  Also THE MONK, THE ASSAULT, DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2009 Danish), FISSURES (2007 French) , JUNCTION, ROULETTE (2012), DARK HOUSE 2012, THE LAST SHOWING(2014) starring Robert Englund, FODOR’S HAMLET (2007 – another film with no reviews on IMDB), OSSESSIONE (2007- also without IMDB reviews) , MUIRHOUSE (general opinion good build up, falls apart before the end) , 22 BULLETS are all worth a look.

So check the channel out today!


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