Today’s Great Sword Fight Film : THE PRINCESS BRIDE ?!?


My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father.

Prepare to die.



I had no interest in seeing a film named THE PRINCESS BRIDE, but some persistent arm twisting by my better half, had me try it. And to my surprise I really liked it. And that’s underselling it, it is a great movie by Director Rob Reiner and novelist/screenwriter William Goldman.

I tend to be a hard sell for syrupy kids movies, have been even as a kid.  I had a pretty wide anti-Disney streak in me (a much harder streak to indulge now that they have bought both Marvel Studios and  Lucas Films under their banner), that tended to roll over to any kids movie (whether by Disney  or not. This is not a Disney film.)

My bias was completely unwarranted, as this is as well written, fun, and mythic a film as you will see, while never losing its sense of charm and humor.

With one of the most eclectic casts, and a screen adaption of a beloved book, that ends up changing the ending (at the urging of Director Rob Reiner) it is a movie that shouldn’t work, but does spectacularly. Rob Reiner’s instincts being dead on. The great William Goldman adapts his book, being screenwriter on the movie, and by his own admission it is a great movie. And many consider it one of those rare films that improves on the source material (ex Michael Mann’s brilliant MANHUNTER) .

All the actors do a fantastic job, but it is the great Mandy Patinkin  as Inigo Montoya  and his two great sword fights and speeches, that make me love this film. It is a pair of fantastic sword fight scenes, that harken back to the best of cinema (ie Errol Flynn in ROBIN HOOD). And it is Rob Reiner’s ability to make action scenes, about so much more than the action, but about character and loss and courage, that make these scenes so iconic. That and the performance of Mandy Patinkin.

It is a film you can view courtesy of Netflix, and other VOD channels, but it is the type of movie you will want to own on Blu-ray. It has a commentzry by Rob Reiner and a commentsry by William Goldman, both commentaries are as enriching as the movie, and are must listens. Virtual clinics on cinema and movie-making and the love of the process.


GRADE: Buy it Now!



My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father.

Prepare to die.



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