BREAKING NEWS! On Baltimore, Judge Barry Williams, Freddie Gray, Mayor Rawlings-Blake

The 2nd of six trials in the Freddie Gray case has ended, and this bench trial (no jury) ended in aquittal of Edward Nero on charges of 2nd degree assault and misconduct by Judge Barry Williams.

The first tial of William Porter ended in a hung jury.

And 4 trials remain.

The next trial in the case will be Officer Caesar Goodson Jr, followed by those of Lt. Brian Rice (July 5), Officer Garrett Miller (July 27), Officer William Porter (Sept. 6) and Sgt. Alicia White (Oct. 13).

Baltimore City has suffered an arguably deserved black eye with this case. But I think out of this tragedy, what you have is a lot of people working together to honestly and fairly seek the truth and accountability for that truth. I think Attorney General Mosby and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake deserve much credit for recognizing the need for such accountability, and enacting quickly the process of that accountability. I think everyone is trying to make out of this unrest, a better process, and a better, more accountable Baltimore and more accountable Baltimore Police Department.

That is the hope. And we must all struggle to make real that hope.


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