10 Best Horror  Short Films¡

2AM:SMILING MAN – If you had to distill the very essence of horror down to just a few minutes, it would be these minutes. There are multiple versions of this flick, I was lucky enough to see the best version first time out. My favorite short horror film.

DON’T MOVE – Fantastic film. 2nd only to SMILING MAN in getting to you. Great film, awful movie poster.

MAMA- This is the short film that so wowed Guillermo Del Toro that he helped get it made into a feature film. I haven’t seen the feature film yet, mostly because it has been my experience that what makes a great and brilliant short film, is often lost and made untenable when stretched to feature length proportions. However I have seen the short film, and it is… wonderfully terrifying.

LIGHTS OUT – Another short film that is getting a feature film release. Kudos to the director, David F. Sandberg, who has made an industry out of great short films, for getting finally tapped to do a feature. All the money and prestige they can toss his way, I think he has earned. That said, the same reservations I mentioned in regards to MAMA, hold sway here. The short is three perfectly crafted minutes, extending that perfection to feature length, when you have to flesh out back story and motivations, yaddda, yadda, yadda 🙂 …. I remain dubious, but look forward to watching the feature and hopefully being proven wrong.

CREAK (2015)

20HZ – Smart premise, about a sound right at the edge of human hearing, a place… where there be dragons.

MONSTER PROBLEMS by Adam Green. I’m not generally a fan of cute or funny horror movies, but this short film earns its exception. A horror movie by way of Key and Peele.

THE THING IN THE APARTMENT – I , to borrow from Stephen King discussing Clive Barker, have seen the future of horror… and his name is John William Ross. A masterpiece of terror.

INTRUDERS – Santiago Menghini’s INTRUDERS is 3 seemingly unrelated vinettes, tied together only by the common theme of intrusion. The middle entry is by far the standout. Definitely well done and worth a look, though perhaps a bit querelous and underwhelming compared to some others on this list.

THE CAT WITH HANDS – While a seemingly silly title, it is an excellent short film told with Todd Slaughter like glee. Todd slaughter for the kiddies among you was a notable actor in penny dreadful style horror movies in the early days of sound cinema.



Honorable mentions:

NEXT FLOOR by Vlad Negura is more drama than horror, but it is the surreal type of horror that Bunel and Dali would have loved. 11 minutes of the surreal and biting.

BLUE HOLE -is a well performed short film with a captivating premise about a lake near a cabin that has a nasty habit of disappearing people. Intriguing but not a scary moment in this. B.




All short films viewable courtesy of Vimeo.Com.


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