Movie to be on the Lookout for : THINGS OF THE AIMLESS WANDERER




“To be absolutely mesmerized by a film, I mean totally transfixed, is a rare happening in cinema, but should be the norm, right? Rwandan director Kivu Ruhorahoza’s Things Of The Aimless Wanderer is just such a film. Spectacular and ambitious in all its working parts, it catapults cutting-edge African cinema onto the world stage with the intensity of a new religion. “

Ben Umstead TWITCH

The second feature film by Director Kivu Ruhorahoz, sounds much more in my wheelhouse than the synopsis of his first film. While his first film, GREY MATTER, is a bit of a psuedo-documentary  dealing with the raw wounds of the recent  Rwandian genocide through a movie in a movie structure,  it  is understandably bleak; and as such, by its very nature… an ordeal.

And I, personally can not watch a movie about  a real life ordeal,  without it being an ordeal.  And while I understand it is a completely valid form of cinema, and a necessary one, it is just not a form of cinema that I gravitate toward. I want more out of my cinema, than the bleak.

By all reports THINGS OF THE AIMLESS WANDERER  has that wider perspective. A rashomon tinged treatise that looks with an elegaic and surreal eye, on sins of colonialism past and present.

So if being shown at a theater near you, give it a look.





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