Today’s News You Can Actually Use!

BUSINESS INSIDER has an interesting article on Ransomware

I seldom have anything praiseworthy to say about Apple, but Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, should be applauded for standing up to the FBI’s blatant attempt to leverage a tragedy into a backdoor into all Apple communications. Go Apple! Go Tim Cook!

Linux Mint hack over the weekend led to backdoored ISO

KREBs is a fantastic site for all things security related, and this article is why people should be wary of Smart TVs or Smart Webcams or Smart Dryers, or spyware laden Xboxes,… all the appliances we own, that through the magic of IP and Peer to Peer, can be owned at anytime, by more than just the purchaser.

This article also warns against smart devices with dumb defaults

Driverless Cars Update!

Me I’m old fashioned, I like driving myself or with a person at the wheel. I know enough about technology, being that it’s my job, to never fully trust technology. And that reaction is even more so with such an intimate experience as driving.

I think the things we increasingly relinquish to machines, are the very things that make us more… than machines. It’s a slippery slope we are on; with machines designed to drive you, to cloth you, to feed you, to track you, and to kill you. A slippery slope.

Here endeth this segment’s NEWS YOU CAN USE! Come back next time for more.


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