SPOILERS ABOUND for both JESSICA JONES and DAREDEVIL, so watch to episode number 11 before proceeding:

Overall, I liked the JESSICA JONES series. Strong casting and performances, interesting premise, nice mixture of multi-ethnic characters, and sexuality and mature themes handled well.

I would go so far as to say I was loving the series then episode 10 hit and it just slowed my enthusiasm for the series to a crawl. It felt a lot like, really lame, stereotypical “let’s kill a character” writing.

I mean DAREDEVIL had the EXACT same episode ten, death of the wise, fatherly Black guy, accept it was ,while still unnecessary, at least effectively done there, however here in JESSICA JONES it comes off as just tacked on, and unnecessary. And plus it made the character of Simpson/Nuke less interesting. Come on, you can’t be more original then that? What is this? It just smacks of lowest common denominator formulaic writing.

But that rather unfortunate mistep aside, I found on a whole that this is an engrossing, smartly written (if excessively dire), stylishly filmed addition to the Netflix/Marvel Studios slate of product, and sets the stage ably for the Luke Cage Powerman series. Though helpfully he is a bit more proactive there than he was written here.

Overall Grade: B.


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