PODCAST OF THE DAY : SVU #97: Beasts of No Nation / African Films and TV

FILMSPOTTING STREAMING VIDEO UNIT hosted by Matt Singer and Alison Willmore is just a fun, informative podcast, with wonderful insights into films currently available to view on Streaming. While their tastes don’t always align with mine, for the most part they give a wealth of solid suggestions for you to check out. And episode # 97 is especially good, putting an underserved or badly served topic, namely Africa the continent, on the radar of filmgoers like you and I.


In addition to the films they mention on the podcast:

Viva Riva!
The Gods Must Be Crazy
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
The Battle of Algiers

I also recommend:

Ousmane Sembene’s CAMP DE THIAROYE
Dijop Djibril Mambety’s finest film HYENAS
CALL ME KING – More African Diaspora than African, the scope of this geopolitical, multi-ethnic crime drama falls steadfastly in the wheelhouse of the best of African Films.


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