Roku Streaming channel of the Day : Vimeo! And today’s best short films!

Roku Streaming channel of the Day : Vimeo!

Sometimes we’re in the mood for something, not ordinary and not drawn out, and short films like short stories can scratch that particular itch exceedingly well. So if nothing on Netflix or Amazon Prime’s Roku channels are grabbing you, check out the VIMEO Roku channel to experience the following:

THE RISE AND FALL OF GLOBOSOME – only a scant 5 minutes and 45 seconds long this short is awe inspiring, and cautionary, and beautiful. So beautiful that this short film should be on a DVD, on repeat in finer art galleries everywhere.

ROAH SUMMIT – TAKE CARE – A lovely little music video. The music is actually secondary to the wonderful and unfortunately timely drama the visuals tell of love and hate and color.

F FOR FAKE (1973)-HOW TO – A wonderful 4.31 minute dissection on how to do film editing, using Oron Welles F FOR FAKE as inspiration and tutorial.

DARK HORSE: AN ALL ELECTRIC ’68 – Follows one man’s passion for retrofitting classic muscle cars into all electric power cars.

NULL – Is a very compelling experimental piece that uses the shape of a sphere as frame and transition/storytelling device to make provocative a day in the life story. 4.08 minutes.

If you don’t have the Roku channel, you can see all the above by going to VIMEO.COM.

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