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THE CAVERN – The film, something of a DESCENT rip-off with a twist, is not without its strengths. I felt the actors were good, the dialog in places far more nuanced then one would expect (particularly I’m thinking about the conversation regarding why people cave), the premise intriguing enough to keep you watching until its hysterical, off the rail ending that telegraphs itself.

So the movie is not without its good points, no what hurts this film, is the utterly abominable camera work, which is among the worst and most indefensible I’ve seen. The abhorrent shaky cam in this film, takes bad shaky cam to a new level.

It makes the film largely incoherent and unwatchable, the Director and the camera man should be ashamed of themselves for this abuse of the viewers eyes, and this affront to cinematography everywhere. This and the less then subtle ending, unfairly cripple an otherwise intriguing film.

Director Olatunde Osunsanmi’s 1st feature film shows a tendency for outrageous behavior to the point of stupidity, poor camera work, and lack of subtlety in his writing, that would also mar his later films THE FOURTH KIND, EVIDENCE. Grade: Worth a watch if you can see it for free, but ultimately a failure and a disappointment.

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