2015 Theatrical Movies I’m looking forward to!

The 2015 Theatrical movie year is off to a slow start, here it is nearly 5 months into 2015 and I have not been interested enough to see a single movie in the theater.

Part of it is movies are expensive, theaters are filled with crowds that increasingly have no idea how to be quiet and still and without their phones for the duration of a movie, and movies worth that investment of patience, money, and time have been sofar nonexistent in 2015.

I think part of that is also the streaming revolution brought about by companies like Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime; that brings a lot of options into the comfort of your home without having to deal with the negatives of your local movie theater (sticky floors, questionable seats, bad food, and obnoxious people) .

However that is poised to change with some heavy hitters being released in the next seven months. Among them…

FANTASTIC FOUR – The poster and The director has me interested
SPECTRE – Director Sam Mendes returns to James Bond
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION – a relatively untried director has big shoes to fill, following up from Brad Bird
THE HATEFUL EIGHT – Tarantino has definitely been hit or miss for me, so we’ll see
THE REVENANT – The latest by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu who I consider one of the greatest directors currently working

THE WALK – The latest by another of the great Directors, Robert Zemeckis

PAWN SACRIFICE- And yet another of the greatest living Directors, the incredib;e Ed Zwick, is releasing a movie this year as well

FRANKENSTEIN – Paul McGuinan and a solid cast takes a stab at another interpretation of Frankenstein
CREED – Rocky trains the grandson of Apollo Creed… could be good. Depends on the director.
CRIMSON PEAK – Guillermo Del Toro, doesn’t always hit home runs, but this one sounds like it might be
IN THE HEART OF THE SEA – Ron Howard tends to perhaps get lost in the shuffle, but when you look at his body of work he really is one of the great American filmmakers
SPOOKS : THE GREATER GOOD – I loved the Tv show, SPOOKS not the edited US version MI5, so hopefully the movie will be good

THE PERFECT GUY – Very intrigued by the director and the actors involved

TRIPLE NINE – John Hillcoat, Howard Mackie, andChiwetel Ejiofor and a solid premise equals a movie that makes it onto my radar

Well that’s all for now. Let me know what movies you are looking forward to.

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