Keep It or Remove It! A few of the Best and Worst Horror Films on Netflix! UNDER CONSTRUCTION


STARRY EYES – Unexpectedly brutal, this is a sharp and bloody critique on the demons of Hollywood excess, both figurative and literal. A very different and good film. B+.

THE QUIET ONES – A good film regarding assumptions of science and care, medical misconduct, god complexes, and possession. Grade B-.

ABSENTIA – Great Film. B+/A-.

THE CANAL – The CANAL is an overwrought but well made film about a less than trustworthy protagonist beset by demons real or imagined. It is very much a descendant of films like THE SHINING. It is a very well made, if unoriginal film, capably directed by Ivan Kavanagh. The weakest note is the actor who plays the protagonist, Rupert Evans, as he comes off too one note and pathetic and unlikeable to really command his screen-time. So worth a watch, but possibly not a re-watch. Grade: C+.

ALMOST HUMAN – Low budget but very inventive blend of Alien Invasion and Body Horror and supernatural slasher. Worth more than one look.

HONEYMOON – I quite liked this film. Is a bit of a mystery that grows into something… far stranger. Recommended.

SILENT HOUSE – As a fan of film you have to appreciate the one take conceit, part technical wizardry part gimmick. The issue is it tends to wear out its welcome as it doesn’t make for the most fast paced or interesting film-making, becoming tedious rather than involving. But despite its short-comings as a film, it is worth a look as an experiment.


PRESERVATION – Three annoying friends in the wilderness, in a shutdown camping grounds, are terrorized and beset by unknown killers. That description is far more interesting than this film is, as it completely lost my interest well before the end. My grade: There are better things to spend over an hour of your life on.

DEVIL’S BACKBONE TEXAS – Starts out interesting but quickly gives way to overwrought acting and an unlikeable protagonist, and incredibly inept and unbelievable character actions and reactions. Makes for a groan inducing and insipid film. Don’t waste your time on this nonsense.

VENOM – I liked the multicultural casting, but that was it. I found the whole film a little too ugly, and the super-natural killer, completely uninteresting.
THE SACRAMENT – A disappointment from Ti West. Avoid this and see HOUSE OF THE DEVIL instead.
MOCKINGBIRD- Utter waste of time
MR. JONES- An exercise in tedium and stupidity

THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT – I was really looking forward to this film, but like DEVIL’S BACKBONE TEXAS it suffers from characters reacting irrationally to obvious signs of danger. And the stupidity of the writing and characters sinks it for me.


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