What’s Hot & What’s Not : What’s Worth Buying in Comics & Slims!

What’s Hot & What’s Not : What’s Worth Buying in Comics & Slims!


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Weird Love: You Know You Want It. And from this link you can search for everything else Highlighted in this installment.

BOOKS & Magazines

Back Issue #81 (C: 0-1-1) -This is a special 100-page full-color edition spotlighting DC Bronze Age Giants and Reprints! We open DC Comics’ vaults for an in-depth exploration of its 100-Page Super Spectaculars!
  • Product Code: MAR151789
  • Expected Ship Date: 6/24/2015
MAR151728Chocolate Cheesecake Celebrating Modern Black Pin Up HC (MR) -Blending the style of the past with the women of the present, this book is a first-of-its-kind celebration of modern black pin-up beauty. Black pin-ups existed during the ‘Golden Age of Pin-ups,’ but like other black artists of the time, they often did not receive the same attention as their white contemporaries. This new book shines the spotlight on ten of today’s best pin-up photographers and their work with over 50 of today’s most beautiful black pin-up models. With images ranging from classic pin-up glamour to retro-inspired fetish photography, this collection of works shows the diversity of flavors found in contemporary black pin-up culture.
  • Writer: Earnest L. Cox
  • Product Code: MAR151728
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/27/2015


What is worth buying Monthly:  Nothing. At 3.99 and up, and with stories that don’t lend themselves to satisfying stand-alone monthly reads, Marvel Comics for me have largely priced themselves out of the monthly or periodical business. If you hear good word of mouth about a title wait until it is collected and check the trade out for free at your local library. And if you like what you read purchase it at a discount online or from your local bookstore.


What is worth buying Monthly:  Nothing. Everything I said for Marvel goes for DC, with the exception DC has of late had far fewer creators or titles I’m interested in sampling at all. I think they followed up the initial high of the New 52 with largely a lot of uninspired and direction-less characters and books. Their flagship titles such as JLA, Superman, Batman, due to too many cooks (editorial influence) and over-saturation of the characters across multiple titles, are largely unreadable.


What is worth buying Monthly: Nothing. Exorbitant $4 an issue price, and a publishing policy designed on collecting mini-series into more trades gives no incentive to buy the monthly issues.


What is worth buying Monthly: Nothing.


What is worth buying Monthly: CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, X CAPMID

Captain Midnight #23 –

After learning the origin of the mysterious masked man from the past known as the Mark, Captain Midnight may finally have an ally who understands the Archon’s twisted beginnings-and might be able to defeat this übervillain! And they’re not alone! A united force of superheroes joins the fray to defeat the Archon. The last great hope has arrived!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist: Michael Broussard
  • Product Code: MAR150030
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/27/2015


Creepy Presents Alex Toth HC –

A brilliant storyteller who wielded a dynamic, minimalist style, Alex Toth is considered a master in the fields of comic book storytelling, animation, and design. With Creepy Presents Alex Toth, all of his vibrant stories from Creepy and Eerie are collected in a deluxe hardcover for the first time ever!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Writer/Artist: Alex Toth & Various
  • Cover Artist: Alex Toth
  • Product Code: MAR150091
  • Expected Ship Date: 7/8/2015


Ec Archives Weird Science HC Vol 04 –

The Weird Science archives take flight at Dark Horse! This volume collects the complete Weird Science issues #19-#22 and Weird Science-Fantasy #23-#24 in glorious remastered color! Don’t miss any of the sci-fi classics from such visionary artists as Wally Wood, Al Feldstein, Harry Harrison, and Harvey Kurtzman!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Writer/Artist: Various
  • Product Code: MAR150097
  • Expected Ship Date: 7/29/2015


Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Playing Cards-

Dark Horse is proud to announce a new range of collectables licensed from the estate of perhaps the finest fantasy artist of our time, the late Frank Frazetta. By special arrangement with his heirs, we are bringing forward selected images as the face cards and Jokers on a new deck of playing cards, as well as coasters with some of the most savage heroes ever painted!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Artist: rank Frazetta
  • Product Code: MAR150116
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/6/2015


Harrow County #1 –

Emmy always knew that the deep, dark woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts, goblins, and zombies. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures-and to the land itself-in a way she never imagined. Don’t miss the first issue of this southern gothic fairy tale from the creator of smash hit The Sixth Gun, beautifully and hauntingly realized by B.P.R.D.’s Tyler Crook!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Tyler Crook
  • Product Code: MAR150088
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/13/2015


Mind Mgmt #33 –

Every mystery, every revelation, every backstory, every death has led to this-Meru and a handful of former agents make their final stand against the Eraser and her rebuilt Mind Management!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Writer/Artist/Cover: Matt Kindt
  • Product Code: MAR150019
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/20/2015


Mind Mgmt HC Vol 05 The Eraser –

The mission to stop Mind Management has fallen apart, and after nearly losing her mind at the hands of the Eraser, Meru finds herself alone in a world of rogue agents. To press on, she’ll need to seek out a new mentor-the First Immortal! Collects MIND MGMT #25-#30!

  • Publisher: Dark Horse/Dark Horse Comics
  • Writer/Artist/Cover: Matt Kindt
  • Product Code: MAR150020
  • Expected Ship Date: 7/22/2015

When it comes to the smaller publishers I’m more forgiving in regards to price. They don’t have the scale to set prices as a Marvel and DC do, but still try to provide lower prices, and even when the prices are the same, smaller publishers such as Dark Horse excel in giving you more pages, less ads, extra material, including letters pages, and best of all books that are the unique vision of a distinctive creative team, not typically beholden to company wide editorial events. The books as a whole are more mature, able to offer something more than another reworking of decades old super-hero stories. Dark Horse makes some of the best hardcovers and collected editions, and recently they have excelled at making some of the best monthly books. It for me is clearly a more interesting company, with more interesting titles, than either Marvel or DC.



littlenLittle Nemo Rtn To Slumberland –

This month they are offering SC and HC versions. Beautiful art, comes recommended. IDW makes great collected editions and art books. I’m less enamored of their monthly titles. One that does get my vote for solid entertainment month in and month out is WEIRD LOVE. weirdlove7


What is worth buying Monthly: LITTLE NEMO RETURN TO SLUMBERLAND, WEIRD LOVE   annila

Annihilator HC Vol 01 –

Legendary Comics proudly presents Annihilator, an original graphic novel odyssey from the subversive mind of Grant Morrison. Washed-up Hollywood screenwriter Ray Spass is caught in a downward spiral of broken relationships, wild parties and self-destruction. Out of luck and out of chances, he’s one failed script away from fading into obscurity. Little does he know he’s about to write the story of his life. As his imagination runs rampant, Ray must join forces with his own fictional character Max Nomax on a reality-bending race to stop the entire universe from imploding – without blowing his own mind in the process.

  • Writer: Grant Morrision
  • Artist: Frazer Irving
  • Product Code: MAR151417
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/20/2015


Bart Simpson Comics #96 –

Bart and Lisa find themselves embattled over just who won a ‘dream’ bedroom contest. And later, when Lisa decides to become more self-assertive, she enrolls in a class that will help empower her, but maybe she should look before she leaps!

  • Publisher: Bongo Comics
  • Writer: James M. Bates, Michael Saikan
  • Artist: Jacob Chabot
  • Cover Artist: Jason Ho & Various
  • Product Code: MAR151029
  • Expected Ship Date: 5/27/2015



Jack Kirby Collector #50 –

Kirby Five-Oh! looks at the best of everything from the 50-year career of Jack ‘King’ Kirby, co-creator of the Marvel Comics universe! The regular columnists from The Jack Kirby Collector magazine exmaine: The best Kirby story published each year from 1938-1987! The best covers from each decade! Jack’s 50 best unused examples of art! His 50 best character designs! And profiles of, and commentary by, 50 people from all media influenced by Kirby’s work! Plus there’s a 50-page gallery of Kirby’s powerful raw pencil art, and a deluxe color section of photos and finished art from throughout his entire half-century oeuvre. This tabloid-sized trade paperback features a Kirby cover inked by Darwyn Cooke, and an introduction by Mark Evanier!

The last company to mention is IMAGE, and I left them for last because they are the best. I get more books from IMAGE than all the other companies combined. In part 2 of this installment we’ll devote it to covering all the great monthly books available from Image.

— to be continued–

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