What I’m Watching on Amazon Prime – Under Construction

What I’m Watching tonight on Amazon Prime

DARK TAROT (2014, THRILLER) – Hot women can’t save this snooze fest. avoid
SHOCK ATTACK – In this day of unlimited entertainment at your fingertips, right or wrong a movie has to sell itself in the first 7 minutes (20 minutes at the extreme outside) and unfortunately if it dooesn’t it could have the best 2nd half in the world, most people, myself as well won’t be around to find out. This movie is the poster child for that sentiment
PUZZLED LOVE -I don’t even like Romantic Comedies but this film has such energy and such wacky inventiveness you can’t help watching it. It’s a keeper.

ANGEL TERMINATORS- Crazy 80s early 90s Hong Long action. Fun bit of fluff for classic Hong Kong action fans

BLACK MASK II – Tsui hark is very much a hit or miss director but when he’s on he shines. The big camp, 60s pop art comic book stylings, of the Black Mask property plays to Tsui Harks sense of fantasy and the absurd. Perhaps too much, its a bit cheap looking, but it’s worth sticking with.

ALL SAINTS EVE- Undeniably low budget I do like the opening precredit sequence and the credit sequence while simple is well done. Will see if the rest of it holds up.


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