The 5 Best and 5 Worst Things on NetFlix Streaming!


Alejandro Hidalgo’s THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME- A genre bending film,that is smartly executed.

THE SLAP – This original 8 part Australian series comes strongly recommended. I see no way the American remake can be as compelling.

RIPPER STREET- The first two seasons are on Netflix, and they are solidly brilliant. One of the best and most consistently excellent BBC series (Unlike LUTHER that had half a good first season, and an atrocious season 2 and season 3. Or even Sherlock that had a great first season and third season, but a mediocre 2nd season)

KIDNAPPED- It took me multiple attempts to make it through this 1974 crime thriller by Mario Bava, but I’m glad I did. Nice twist at the end just puts the plus on a solidly impressive film.

THE CLEVELAND SHOW – I’m not a fan at all of Family Guy, but love the CLEVELAND SHOW.





HOW I ENDED THIS SUMMER – With Repentance just one of the most dissapointing and unsatisfying films on Netflix

THE REEDS – boring and mediocre

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