Streaming VOD Movie of the Day : UNDER THE SKIN


Cinema if we are lucky should feel new, feel different, feel visionary, and feel just a little bit strange and brilliant. Jonathan Glazer’s UNDER THE SKIN feels all these things and more.

Glazer’s UNDER THE SKIN feels both dangerous and humane, a rare combination that when found in harmony, we call haunting. It’s helped immensely in that it is a film about desire that has the central canvas the stunning face and form of Scarlett Johanson, one of the most desirable women, given a performance you can not take your eyes away from, as a predator consumed by the things she preys upon. A seductress of humanity, seduced by the human condition.

A film that you can watch for free courtesy of Amazon Prime, but screams to be viewed in the highest quality format possible, screams to be owned on Blu-ray/DVD. Grade: It’s largely a movie of pauses and waiting and the mystery, and how well you enjoy this movie will depend on how satisfied you are by those three things. In no way a fun movie, and not one that I see being big for repeat viewings, I do find it a unique and recommended viewing experience. Grade: B/B+.

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