Favorite PODCASTS of 2014 Pt 1 of 2

Favorite Podcasts of 2014

B-MOVIE CASTThe B-Movie Cast is a website podcast and forum devoted all things B-movie and cult move related.

Been listening to this one for years, and in 2014 it continued to be what it has always been… one of the best. Spend two hours getting entertained and informed by likeable people who are kind enough to share their love for the medium with all of us. Always a must listen.

11 OCLOCK COMICS – It’s hard to say, definitively, why this show stands out as so much better than most comicbook themed podcasts, but if I had to pick a few reasons it would be the depth of knowledge and content and viewpoints they bring to covering this oft castigated medium.

And while no strangers to being opinionated, they do so typically with wit and respect and charm. And no doubt another strength of this show is the life experience the hosts bring to the show.

These aren’t teens or twenty somethings podcasting from their parents basement (not that there is anything wrong with that) but these are grown men with wives, and jobs, and responsibilities, who grew up on this hobby, so their perspectives on this hobby are more informed than someone new or just discovering these four-color marvels.

And being informed adults their interests when tangents appear, can effortlessly go into technologies, into film, into ideologies, into music, into humor, into the process of art. And all that only tells you what they do so well. The ‘why’ I, and perhaps you, should be listening is simpler, they have chemistry together and that makes them fun to listen to.

It sounds like a simple thing, but a decade of listening to podcasts and it is an exceedingly rare thing… people you want to hear talk. I’ve tried, it has to easily be, hundreds of podcasts, there’s a reason only a couple handfuls are on this list.

SIDEBAR – This is hands down the best artist podcast out there, featuring informative and INTELLIGENT interviews with some of the most heralded illustrators, painters, and creators. I stress intelligent, because even paid tv interviewers, especially paid tv interviewers, are incapable of questions of any thought or substance.

With the Sidebar gang you get passionate lovers of art who have obviously done their homework, and you can hear it in the voices of the creators, how impressed they are to be interviewed by people who actually know their work, and the process.

An excellent show for interviews, as well as for freewheeling discussions on the best of comics, movies, books, music and more. And these guys have that great chemistry that all those who made my best of list possess. A great show.

HORROR ETC – And speaking of people who are fun to listen to. I like horror movies, less the new stuff and more the universal monsters and hammer horror, but this show looks at it all. With the simple caveat, it should be good. They’ve helped me avoid the dreck, and find a few gems. And are just always fun to listen to. Another show we’re the hosts have an easy chemistry. Always highly recommended.

WTF with Marc Maron – I’m not a comedy fan, most comedy shows fall way flat. Maron’s self titled cable show MARON is a fun and addictive exception. And his podcast is even more impressive. Like any interview show, not all the guests you’ll have an interest in, but there is enough here to pick and choose. And even the guests you think to bypass, I would say listen to a few minutes and you might be surprised.

His interviews with Jimmie Walker, Bob Hope, Andre Royo, and the late Robin Williams are not just great podcasts, but essential insights into craft, and history and art.

GILBERT GOTTFRIED’S AMAZING COLOSSAL PODCAST – I’ve never been a fan of Gilbert Gottfried as a comedian or personality, and I’m still not, but this podcast filled with interviews with classic actors is an, at times, brilliant discourse on classic cinema and television, and the ups and downs and process. His Danny Aiello show is easily one of the best listens of the year.

Come back next time for the 2nd half of the best Podcasts of 2014!


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