Currently Watching: CANOPY (2013) Directed by Aaron Wilson


CANOPY – The first feature film by writer/director Aaron Wilson, the first thing that strikes you about CANOPY is the absolute patience of it. It takes its time, it sets its stage. The jungle, it tells you from the first frame, is the movie. Which can be risky in this age of deficit attention and 500 channels.

Especially considering it could be argued, and not unjustly, that Aaron Wilson, whose previous experience is with short films; with CANOPY has just created a short film and padded it out to feature length. However what others may call padding, doesn’t feel like padding in this film, it feels… fulfilling, meditative, in moments… even sublime.


If you are in the mood to be sucked in, willing to give the movie your undivided attention, you might find it, like I am finding it, absolutely spellbinding. It’s filmed with the deft assured hand of a master.

I almost didn’t watch this movie based solely on the awful poster (shown below) and nondescript title. But thankfully the film is better than its poor marketing.


Currently available for streaming/VOD on Netflix.

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