Streaming VOD DVD : Movie of the Day — THE 13TH UNIT & The Worst Movies on Amazon Prime!


THE 13TH UNIT (2014) – The genre of storage unit horror is thankfully small, relegated as it is to the pretty forgettable Noel Clarke vehicle STORAGE 24 or this extremely low budget entry, THE 13TH UNIT.

Despite an obviously anemic budget, some solid camera work, for the most part involving performances, initially show promise and keep me watching. Unfortunately the film is sabotaged by a cliche ridden script, annoying characters who make obviously irrational and stupid choices, and a complete lack of audience investment due to the stupidity of these characters. It’s finish-able, however ultimately not worth that investment of time. Grade: D.

Other movies to avoid, far more inept than 13TH UNIT are FALSE FACE, 5 SOULS, BEAST WITHIN, 7 NIGHTS OF DARKNESS, THE CREEPY DOLL, and NO ONE WILL KNOW.


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