Movie of the Day : GOODBYE WORLD (2013) Directed by Denis Hennelly

The real value of streaming, which only slowly are people finally catching onto, isn’t to bypass buying DVDs and Blu-Ray’s, but rather it’s a no-risk and relatively low-cost way of discovering the movies that are worth buying and viewing and preserving on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Movies that having seen them for ‘free’ courtesy of streaming, you don’t want to leave to the vagaries of temporary licensing deals or uneven broadband speeds/picture quality to see again.

Movies that you want to see all the way through, and with director’s commentary and special features.


GOODBYE WORLD from 2013, qualifies as one such movie. A bunch of friends come together in an isolated compound during a worldwide crisis. Doesn’t sound like much, and the poster doesn’t fill with confidence, but the film surprises, by being far richer, and smarter, and more compelling than the marketing would indicate.


It’s in fact, on its apocalypse bones, a memorable and endearing, if slightly twisted, look at relationships. A grown-up BREAKFAST CLUB meets THE DAY AFTER. Strongly recommended!

Grade: B+/A-

Currently streaming on Netflix! Buy the Blu-ray complete with Director’s commentary here:
Goodbye World [Blu-ray]

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