GRAPHIC Novel Recap – Draft

UNCANNY X-MEN 4 – Bachallo’s art is great but his coloring job and preference for a muted and monotone pallette doesn’t help when clear storytelling is necessary. His art and Marco Rudy’s is the highlight.

The story ends poorly, without a climax, which gives the whole book an unsatisfying, unfinished feel. A Bendis staple. Verdict : Rent do not buy

STRANGER TALES – Has some fun strips, but overall forgettable

PRETTY DEADLY – Could not get into it. While I found the art slightly reminiscent of Paul Pope, I found it and the general story just didn’t interest or intice enough to read or complete.

‘Simon, why is it everytime I’m around you my life is in danger?

My friend, what you don’t realize is that being in danger… is life. All the rest is television. You need me to remind you of that.’ –Terrence Howard and Richard Gere in THE HUNTING PARTY. Now available on streaming


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