AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals – Yes I can’t believe I was watching this as well.

The thing is, the heart of the show is a throwback to talent and variety shows that have been a staple of television for decades. And some of the people who perform are talented.

What I find infuriating is the judges, particularly Howie Mandel who is such a massive kiss-ass and every other word out of his mouth is America, as if he is the personal spokesman for America.

What annoys me about the show is the conceit that win or lose the show is in any way the opinion of America. When win or lose the choice is the judges, and the mob, people who either have an invested interest in who wins (friends or family) or people with nothing better to do than call in. Either way the choices are the suspect sampling of a small and suspect call-in base. Hardly America.

The contortionist was good, the 12 year old singer, and the aerial animator were the only three, in this writer’s opinion, deserving of going on. Grade: Mediocre.


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