Now Playing: Recommended NetFlix Streaming Movie of the Day… THE TOWER!

The 2012 Korean film TA-WEO [THE TOWER] directed by Ji-hoon Kim, mixes a storyline that is equal parts TOWERING INFERNO and BACKDRAFT and marries it to superior 21st century visuals, and wrenching performances heavy on sacrifice to create a film that is equal to its inspirations.


What one takes away from the film, like its inspirations, is the definition of a hero. The person who runs toward the horrors that everyone else is running from. Running toward the horrors in an attempt to stop them, to save lives.  Not for rewards or riches, but for the simplest and most singular of reasons, they believe  it needs doing, and in putting themselves in harm’s way to get it done. They believe in sacrifice.

A recommended film.

The Tower DVD

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