What’s Hot & What’s Not : What’s Worth Buying in Comics & Slims!

What’s Hot & What’s Not : What’s Worth Buying in Comics & Slims!




What is worth buying Monthly: Just about everything!

Wrapping up my overview of what books from each publisher is worth buying, this final installment concentrates on IMAGE Comics. A company that by itself has more recommended monthly periodicals than the other publishers combined.

IMAGE differs from most of the other publishers covered in that the creators own their books, and the publisher is the transport for bringing those books to you. The Itunes model in paper format.

As such you have talented creators who don’t have to service a questionable corporate vision, but their personal artistic vision, and the difference tells in books that are just more imaginative, more creative, more passionate and more fun.

A few standouts are:

GREAT PACIFIC #15 -Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo’s GREAT PACIFIC highlight’s what is awesome about Image comics. Creators taking concepts that may not be considered marketable or sane by mainstream publishers… here find a vehicle to introduce it to an audience; and 15 issues in the audience for GREAT PACIFIC just continues to grow. Taking the real and troubling issue of a mound of trash in the pacific ocean the size of Texas, and creating an imaginative fantasy yarn about a new nation founded on top of it, GREAT PACIFIC at $2.99 an issue is the kind of mad and entertaining whimsy we all should be reading. The art by Martin Morazzo is a joy.

MANIFEST DESTINY #7- This great fantasy frontier tale, now on issue #7 is a wordy book, but wordy in a good way. Unlike some other image books that drown the panels in text balloons (cough– Wildfire –cough)the text here actually draws you in deeper, into a story and a mystery. Text when done well is story telling, when done badly is just exposition. MANIFEST DESTINY is pure storytelling. A-.

Books can be purchased here:


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