This Weekend’s ON-DEMAND, AMAZON PRIME, ROKU Hits & Misses!


Some recent AMAZON PRIME hits and misses!

THE BLEEDING HOUSE is a slow burning but superb bit of venom, about an odd, isolated family and an odd stranger, that will linger long after you have seen it. There is the melancholy of Tennesse Williams gothic here, meets something all together darker and more horrific. In tone somewhat reminiscent of Jeff Goldblum’s excellent work in MISTER FROST. Recommended

APARTMENT 143 – Another in the spate of ‘footage’ films, a more intriguing premise, and better performances elevate this. Recommended.

THE PACT – Is not your average haunted house movie, and has an original script and solid direction to make it memorable.

AN OLD MAN’S GOLD – This tale of a dying gangster and his will that becomes a bone of contention with his fellow ex-gangsters. Solidly miss-able.

DETOUR- A guy stuck in his car after a mudslide. About as interesting as mud.

CAGE FIGHT – Incredibly low budget and cheap looking. Desperately needs a stunt coordinator, or just a director or a decent script. Mediocre is being kind. Awful is more accurate.

BALANCE OF POWER- Feels atrociously 80s. Stars Billy Blanks.


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