Netflix Winners and Losers : Lightning Round!

Netflix Winners and Losers : Lightning Round!

We’re going to save you a lot of aimless hunting on Netflix by doing the heavy lifting for you and pointing out what currently on Netflix is worth your time and what isn’t:

This month’s recommended Winners:

PontyPool- Excellent. Worth buying and owning.
Extracted- The poster is deceiving, makes this looks like a gory horror movie, rather than the smart, lowkey SciFi film it is
Tales of the Night- Surprisingly entertaining animated film
MUD- surprisingly good for what amounts to a southern reworking of ET
HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP- I find this 1980 horror flick quite enjoyable
BURN NOTICE- I’ve been watching and loving BURN NOTICE, I’m on season six, and it is just a lot of fun.

This month’s to be avoided Losers:

AMBER ALERT- this is easily one of the worst found footage movies, and just worst movies in general. Fast-forward material.
CREATURE- really annoying characters, and mediocre man in a runner suit monster
PROTEUS- a poor, and slightly dim person’s ALIEN
THE COTTAGE- Starts okay, just David Arquette has a tendency to bore me in anything he’s in
STREETS OF BANGKOK= Jean Rollin, loses his vampiric motif and painterly shots, and is left with just a mediocre send off of a crime film

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