WTF? Black Nick Fury vs White Nick Fury or Editorial idiocy at Disney’s Marvel Comics!

Okay today’s WTF rant moment involves this bit of storytelling brilliance I came across when reading some recent trades. Finally catching up, courtesy of my friendly neighborhood library, with various comics.

Some were good, some were poor, and a few were almost unbelievingly stupid.

Discussing the latter, namely I came across both bland and bigoted storytelling – Explaining away the Black Nick Fury as the son of the White Nick Fury – – WTF?! 🙂 .

Okay, so a little history here. So over a decade ago, comic writer Mark Millar created a reimagining of the Avengers, a hip, nifty, cinematic version of the Avengers called the Ultimates. One of the cornerstones of this being redefining Nick Fury as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. And this reimagination was a hit in the comics and became the template for Marvel Studios successful movie franchise.

Much of what sold those movies to comics and noncomics fans, was the weight and gravitas and legitimacy that Samuel L. Jackson brought the films, as well as keeping those films from being almost completely without diversity. Keeping them from being almost entirely ‘whites only’ casting (cough — AGENTS OF SHIELD — cough, cough… 🙂 )

So yeah Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of Nick Fury, helped make this first round of Marvel films, both cooler and more appealing than they otherwise would be.

So now that the films are a hit, the books (in a perfect example of trying to fix what is not broken) want to integrate the movie version into the comics, mainly through some truly atrocious comics written by Nick Spencer among others, comics such as SECRET AVENGERS. And I know Nick Spencer can write, as I quite enjoyed another series he did, THUNDER AGENTS. So I’m mystified by SECRET AVENGERS, it is plodding, uninteresting, and insipid… and then there is the Nick Fury thing.

Now I appreciate the history of comics, and think the original Nick Fury is a good character, and I can see the appeal of wanting to perhaps spin him off into period films, say set in the 40s or 60s. But a creative writer, or group of writers/editors, should be able to do this without sabotaging the great character created for the cinema.

The comics want to have their cake and eat it too, then let Nick Fury be a moniker, a title, like the Doctor, or Christopher Chance (HUMAN TARGET tv show) that gets bestowed upon the worthy. That even the 1940s Nick Fury, was not born Nick Fury. That would be a fantastic idea.

But instead some braniac in editorial at Marvel Comics decides to take this cool commanding, strong, take charge leader that Samuel L. Jackson with the filmmakers created for the films, and demote him, make him the bastard black son of the white guy (the ‘REAL’ Nick Fury), and generally do everything but lynch and castrate him.

And if you found that description offensive, that shows only that you have more sense than the editors and writers at Marvel Comics, who greenlit this nonsense.

I would rather the comics not use Black characters at all, than use them as poorly as Marvel has done of late.

And how weird that Marvel comics, which has historically been the idea engine for other mediums, has now become less creative, less enjoyable, and less inclusive than the films they spawned.

My verdict, enjoy the movies while you can, but avoid the blatant idiocy, and ‘whites only’ nature of porly written and edited comics. GRADE : Avoid!


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