Movie Review : THOR : THE DARK WORLD

The great strength of THOR : THE DARK WORLD is its grand vision, but unfortunately that is contrasted pretty heavily by a great weakness, which is the muddiness of that vision. In this sophomore outing for old Goldilocks (Thor), it takes inspiration from quite a few films to make a product that is far more exciting than the first film, with beautiful vistas and landscapes, but also far more boring and haphazard.


From an opening that is culled from the LORD OF THE RINGS, to breakneck airship battles more reminiscent of Star Wars or Star Trek than Norse mythology, there is a lot of inventiveness and outrageous ideas to appreciate in this film. But unfortunately It cannot stay clear of the ground, just when you think the movie is going to soar into greatness it stumbles into the mire.

Whether that mire is a slow beginning or erratic pacing and tone or misplaced humor bordering on the sophomoric or a rushed, haphazard and muddy ending, the valleys are never far from this films peaks. That ending particularly, even for someone as well versed in comics and scifi and suspension of disbelief as I am, doesn’t make much sense. It is like an out of control Benny Hill farce, and just as nonsensical.

It sounds like I hated the film and I didn’t. It is a very ambitious film, I enjoyed the increased Asgard time and interactions, and I thought the villains in this were far more developed than the first film, as well as strong performances from underused performers in the first film, such as Rene Russo and Idris Elba. So throughout the film has glimmers of greatness and the potential to be something stronger, but unfortunately never really gels into a cohesive whole. As far as the 3D, it’s adequate but ultimately not anything special or worth paying more for. Grade: C.


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  1. good review … haven’t seen this yet. lots of competition and the writers must wonder where to go – with all these comic movies being made. i’m surprised they haven’t run out of gas yet, but people keep going and the quality for the most part (for this type of movie) is high.

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