2013 The Year Remembered! TV and Movie edition!

Well as the calendar is poised to roll over from 2013 to 2014 it is of course appropriate to look back on that year and see the things we take from it. Things both tangible and abstract.

Regional travel played a hand, and discovering places both new, as well as reconnecting with the old, was a notable part of the year.

But this entry I wanted to discuss some of the tangible art and tech toys of 2013. Now my list doesn’t require the items were produced in 2013, only that I discovered them in 2013.

Most notably jumping into the Roku and Amazon Prime water in 2013, allowed me… a long lapsed television viewer (having cut my cable habit years ago, and being happy to relegate myself to DVDs and the internet) into the world of streaming and ON-DEMAND tv shows and movies.

A small upfront investment that has translated into a wealth of tv shows and movies, that I might have never gotten to, finally consumed and enjoyed in 2013.

Some of the highlights:

ALPHAS while relatively short-lived sporting only 2 seasons, and going out on a cliffhanger, was a great two seasons and comes highly recommended. Unfortunately there is only a barebones DVD of season 1, but it is a series definitely deserving of the BluRay and special features treatment. Till then you can still catch both seasons courtesy of Amazon Prime for free.

It also allowed me to see full seasons of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, ALCATRAZ, 24, THE SHIELD, TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, and realize for the most part those shows did not live up to the hype. First three seasons of BSG are okay, but 4th season stinks it up pretty bad. I’d recommend people avoiding most of the seasons of 24.

But on the flip side, I was introduced to consistently surprising and laudable shows such as BEING HUMAN (British version), FRINGE, GRIM, LIFE, PRIMEVAL, and WALLANDER (Branagh version) to name a few. As well as excellent comedies such as KEY & PEELE and BETTER OFF TED.

On the movie front, the most impressive and surprising movies I saw in 2013 were often courtesy of On-Demand. Some highlights of films discovered in 2013 were:


And if animation is your thing the stop motion PETER AND THE WOLF comes highly recommended.

On the ‘reality’ TV front, some standout discoveries of 2013 were CHOPPED and TOP SHOT.

So that’s a quick sampling of titles seen in 2013, that you may want to give a watch in 2014.

Happy New Year, and come back tomorrow for more best of lists.


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  1. Rose and watched the full Battlestar Galactica series recently … took a while … love that series.
    Eagerly awaiting the new season of Game of Thrones.

    It’s interesting that there is so much out there now that it’s really impossible to see it all. I wouldn’t say it’s media/entertainment overload – but we have pick and choose.

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