Holiday Gift Ideas

“Artists don’t really get down to work until the fear of not working outweighs the fear of working.” —Anonymous

Well the holiday season is well underway, and like most of you I’m trying to meet holiday gift giving expectations while also meeting end of year financial obligations.

So thinking about giving gifts made me think about great items I received and really enjoyed/appreciated. The thought being great gifts to get translate into great gifts to give.



Okay for the tech savvy among you:

-Linux Mint 15, replaces the lackluster, expensive Windows 8
-Sony Vaio laptop with bachk lit keyboard
-Archos 101 Tablet better choice than kindle and not storage limited like Ipad
-Roku 3
-Playstation if you have to have a game console go with Playstation and avoid Microsoft’s latest invasion of privacy/marketing machine the X-Box, with its bodyprofile gathering camera, the Kinect.

Okay for the kids of all age:
-Original Rockem Sockem Robots, not the garbage post 1980s Matell piece of junk

For the foodie among you:

-HINT MINTS best new candy, mint discovered this year. Avoid the sugar free version. (Avoid any candy with sorbitol, or other laxatives posing as sugar supplements. Gross right? But guess what, that’s the garbage you’ll find in all the sugar free candy at your local supermarket. For the love of heaven people read the labels and research the ingredients on the junk food you buy your kids!)

However the cinnamon and ginger sour versions, are old fashioned sugar and kosher certified, and taste great. Plus the tin metal case they come in is awesome, an art-deco 20s feel to it, that brings to mind a great flask.

For the bibliophile, booklover, reader among you

ART OF IMAGINATION – Is a HUGE tome dedicated to art of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It’s a must have.

-to be continued


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