What I’m Reading : Graphic Novel Update

What I’m Reading : Graphic Novel Update

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Vol I- An interesting and at times witty opening story arc is undermined by highly uneven art by Chris Bachalo. The art ranging from at times innovative and beautiful to too often indecipherable mars an otherwise interesting read. Collecting the first four issues of the series it is a quick and pithy read and at the exorbitant prices Marvel charges for both the individual issues and the collected editions you are far better off renting this initial storyline for free from your local library. Grade: C+. Borrow or Rent it.

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Vol II- Jason Aaron is a hit and miss writer for me, his intriguing ideas not always translating into good books. This tendency most notably seen in his underwhelming GHOST RIDER run. This volume collecting issues 5 to 8 of the series, is good but never really coalesces into anything more than that, in this tale of Brood and Brood-Hunters. And this volume continues the tendency toward muddy, indecipherable art. Just plain poor storytelling, and again most notably with Bachalo’s chaotic and unclear contribution. C-. Not worth buying. Borrow or rent it for free.

JOE THE BARBARIAN – Can’t get into it
99 DAYS – Cop haunted by the ghosts of Rwanda. Not in the mood.

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