G.I. JOE RETALIATION- A good, if flawed popcorn flick. A brisk running time, and strong action sequences makes up for haphazard plot, script, and largely half baked performances.

Not giving you time to ponder too long the film’s shortcomings (the whole Storm Shadow and RZA subplot is so under-written/poorly written it seems almost to belong to a different, unfinished movie) is a definite strength of this film. Taken at speed, and not too seriously, it’s a fun and at times adrenalin inducing 90minutes, and one of the few films to do a good job of utilizing REAL 3D.

Usually not a fan of 3D, however this time a combination of good theater, and I think a well converted 3D film, makes for a film that is fun to see in 3D, rather than a chore. Dwayne Johnson largely carries the film, being the most likeable and engaging actor in the movie. GRADE: B! Enjoy!


  1. i like burce willis – and obbiously a lot of other people do too – and is there any actor as busy as willis?? appearing in 6 films last year and 4 – so far – this year. not all are gems but he does his usual excellent work. he obviously loves what he does … and must be filthy rich by now.
    carry on bruce.

    • You’re right J,

      Bruce Willis has been incredibly busy in the last couple of years. From RED to EXPENDABLES to LOOPER to his own DIE HARD series and everything in-between. And honestly he pretty much, like iconic actors before him, plays the same character in every movie. A variation of his John McClain tough guy persona, created in the first DIE HARD film. But the persona works, we follow it from movie to movie, much like people did for Wayne or Eastwood.

      • It could be (as Harrison Ford said) that’s all he gets offered ?? He does make some effort to do something different – Like Moonrise Kingdom. But as they say in Hollywood: ‘the only bad is someone who isn’t working’.
        It’s about money. And his movies make money. Because it doesn’t matter how good and actor you are, if your movies don’t make money you aren’t going to be around long – plenty of fine actors can’t find any work. Movies are big business – and I wonder sometimes that anything resembling art comes out at all.
        I’m rambling …
        Have a nice Spring !

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