TOP OF THE PILE: What I’m Watching and Reading and listening to!

2 Albums by Taureg music group TINARIWEN. Both come recommended. AMAN IMAN and TASSILLI

BIUTIFUL- by the director of BABEL, comes an intriguing and well performed, if pessimistic film. Not something to re-watch.

BLOW-UP – Highly overrated film and more than a bit boring

OPEN CITY – Italian neo-realism, not in the mood.

FRED THE CLOWN Graphic Novel -Excellent humor book, with lovely cartoony art. Worth owning

THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT- reads more than a bit dated, not as visually dynamic as I was led to believe. Plus the poor newsprint paper doesn’t help, as it muddies any details in Eisner’s art

AGONY- Surreal does not translate always into Good, as this experimental but not very engaging movie on the life of Russia’s mad monk, illustrates. Plodding.

THE WAY- excellent 2nd film by Emilio Estevez, stars his father Martin Sheen. Great film.

LIMITLESS- Visually imaginative, stylish, entertaining and addictive film


  1. The Way .. one of those small wonderful films .. that hardly anybody watched. i thot it was one of the better films i saw that year. Good for you Emilio. Nice cast … look for a sweet Cameo by Matt Clark.

    Limitless … definitely one of the better movies of the year. Thought Cooper should have been nominated for his part.

    • Definitely concur JC. I expected THE WAY to be good, after Estevez’s brilliant 1st film BOBBY, but it exceeded my expectations. It really is a film that I think most people would enjoy and get a lot out of. LIMITLESS visually… just entranced me, that infinite zoom technique wowed me every-time I saw it.

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