2013: Day 31- Graphic Novel/TPB Recap!


Finally managed to get a couple Graphic Novels read and here are quick takes on them on a scale of ARB (avoid, read or buy. And yes I just made that up. :).) Now without further ado:

Eric Powell’s Yancey Street tinged character and comic THE GOON is unlike anything else out there. A rip snorting, low brow and high adventure series about the everyday exploits of a muscled leg-breaker and his slightly popeye looking violent compatriot there’s, much easy nonsense and fun and smiles to be had. It’s a series rife with B-movie, scifi, horror and three stooges inspirations sifted through Eric Powell’s demented humor, lovely art, and boundless imagination.

All that praise heaped on the Eisner Award winning series, like any gag series it can be hit and miss. I read back to back THE GOON:HEAPS OF RUINATION (VOL 3) and THE GOON:VIRTUE AND THE GRIM CONSEQUENCES THEREOF (VOL 4), and as if the titles themselves are barometers of quality, I found the former to be a page-turning rocket fueled blast of fun and energy and hijinks, while the latter started off being unfocused, plodding and overlong before slowly picking up.

So my grades:

THE GOON:HEAPS OF RUINATION (VOL 3) — This is a definite BUY! Funny and enjoyable, and worth revisiting.

THE GOON:VIRTUE AND THE GRIM CONSEQUENCES THEREOF (VOL 4) — Has its moments, but a week beginning (issues 9 and 10) and not a particularly memorable wrap up, make this worth READING if you get it as a present or rent it free from the library. But I wouldn’t recommend buying.

So that’s today’s reviews!


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