One of the best podcasts from 2012: WTF with Jimmie Walker of GOOD TIMES


I’m not a fan of the long running WTF podcast, the host’s style of humor doing nothing for me. However this particular episode the draw is Jimmie Walker of GOOD TIMES fame giving an absolutely riveting history of comedy. Easily one of the top ten podcasts I heard in 2012, and an episode I still listen to here in 2013.

If you know Jimmie Walker only for the catchphrase DYNOMITE, you’re likely to be enthralled and surprised by this erudite and informative talk.

Get past the host’s unfunny opening, and the stuff with Jimmie Walker is gold.

From the WTF site:
Episode 327 – Jimmie Walker
Wed, October 24, 2012

Jimmie Walker brings comedy history into the garage. Before there was J.J. on Good Times, Jimmie tells Marc about his experiences in the early days of the comedy boom and his interaction with up-and-comers like Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Jay Leno, David Letterman and many more. This episode is sponsored by Tribeca Film, presenting Tim Heidecker in The Comedy. Also sponsored by LegalZoom and Comedy Central.

Go here to listen!


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